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Tecno Spark 5 vs Infinix S5: Full Comparison Review


Between the Tecno Spark 5 vs Infinix S5  which one should you buy?

Tecno Spark 5 device is a giant from the Tecno Spark Series having a 5000 mAh battery. So also the Infinix S5 is not lagging behind in the Infinix S series though it’s having a 4000 mAh battery. Although both the Infinix S5 and Tecno Spark 5 has the same display features.

That notwithstanding, in this article I will elucidate the major features and differences between the two smartphones. I will also recommend the one to buy between the Tecno Spark 5 and the Infinix S5 device.

Tecno Spark 5 vs Infinix S5

The table below shows the differences between Tecno Spark 5 and the Infinix S5 on a side by side Comparison.

Tecno Spark 5 Infinix S5
164.7 x 76.3 x 8.7 mm
164 x 76 x 7.9 mm
(Bluetooth 5.0)
(Bluetooth 5.0)
Display 6.6inch, 720×1600 pixels, IPS LCD 6.6inch, 720×1600 pixels, IPS LCD
OS Android 10 Android 9.0 (Pie)
Chipset MediaTek Helio A22 MediaTek Helio P22
GPU PowerVR GE8320 PowerVR GE8320
13MP + 2MP + 2MP + AI Lens
16MP + 5MP + 2MP
Front camera
LED flash Quad Quad
Fingerprint placement Rear Rear
Battery 5,000mAh 4,000mAh
Battery charging No fast charge No fast charge

Looking at the comparison on the table above 🤔, You will see both devices have advantages over another in some particular features.

But it doesn’t end there. See other areas where both devices dominate in my comparison below.

Hardware Differences of Tecno Spark 5 vs Infinix S5

In the hardware compartment, The Infinix S5 comes with a powered MediaTek Helio P22 chipset while the Tecno Spark 5 comes powered by a MediaTek Helio A22 chipset.

Without any doubt, you can see that the Infinix S5 has a faster chipset than the Tecno Spark 5, thus, the S5 is better than the Spark 5 in terms of speed and hardware.

Storage: Infinix S5 vs Tecno Spark 5

When we compared the Storage differences, we discovered that the Infinix S5 has a 4GB RAM and 64GB ROM, while the Spark 5 has a 2GB RAM and 32GB ROM.

Here we can as well conclude that the Infinix S5 beat Tecno Spark 5 hands down in the storage comparison.

Camera: Tecno Spark 5 vs Infinix S5

In the camera department, Infinix S5 has a 16MP main camera, 5MP ultra-wide camera, and a 2MP depth sensor. On the front, the Infinix S5 has a 32MP selfie camera.

The Tecno Spark 5 on the other hand comes with a 13MP main camera, 2MP macro camera, 2MP depth sensor, and a QVGA lowlight sensor. On the front, it has an 8MP selfie camera.

Without much talking, the Infinix S5 will do just fine better than Tecno Spark 5 for photographers and camera lovers.

Battery: Tecno Spark 5 vs Infinix S5

The Tecno Spark 5 comes with a 5,000mAh battery while the S5 comes with a 4,000mAh battery. Although, they both don’t support fast charges.

When looking for longer battery life, then the Tecno Spark 5 should be the wise pick among both smartphones.

Final Verdict

My final verdict here is, we can see when it comes to speed, camera quality, and storage, the Infinix S5 has more advantage over Tecno Spark 5.

But when looking for a battery that will sustain longer, then the Tecno Spark 5 gets the go-ahead.

Without further ado, for those asking which one to buy between the Tecno Spark 5 and the Infinix S5 devices, I believe I have clarified your doubt and give instances when you should buy any.

In a recap, When looking for speed, camera quality, and larger storage, you should buy the Infinix S5. But when looking for stronger battery life, you should be the Tecno Spark 5.

I will like to hear from you. What’re your thoughts about the two smartphones, do you have any experiences you’d like to share, or are you using one of them Currently? Or you think there’s anything I didn’t include in the article? Let me know using the comment section below.

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