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Infinix Zero 6 Features And Specifications (Exposed)

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The Infinix ZERO 6 is a Premium looking Smartphone with flagship Specifications that comes in a beautiful box with complete accessories out of the box. There is the 3A Charger Brick for fast charging, the USB Cable, Headphone, Sim Ejector Pin, Silicone Case, and one new accessory which is the USB Type C to Micro USB Converter.

At the right side is the Volume and Power Buttons, the left side houses the Hybrid Sim Tray, i.e., you have to annoyingly choose between two Sims with no SD Card or One Sim and SD Card.

At the top side, there is only the Noise Cancelling Microphone while the bottom has the Speaker, USB Type C Port, Microphone and Headphone Jack.

The Infinix Zero 6 colors.

The ZERO 6 comes in three gorgeous color models: the Sakura Pink with a touch of Gold, the Black with a bit of Copper, and the Blue & Green gradient color with a touch of Gold. These are Lovely and Premium Color Combinations.


The Infinix ZERO 6 comes with lots of impressive specifications that will make you both satisfied and happy and also disappointed. Let’s get into it.

Display and Design.

The Infinix ZERO 6 has a large 6.2 inches infinity of full view IPS display size with an aspect ratio of 19:9 and 2280 by 1080p FHD+ Screen Resolution.

A big disappointment for the notch display haters is that the ZERO 6 comes with a notch just like the Hot S3X and Hot 6X, but it is possible to hide the notch through software so the notch-haters can calm down & love the ZERO 6.

As usual, the bottom bezel or chin size is still quite big for a flagship 2019 smartphone, I believe the Huawei Y9 2019 smartphone users will agree with me on this. Unfortunately, there is no software to hide or remove the chin.

Jokes aside, within the notch there is a Single LED Selfie Flash which doubles as the Notification LED, the Proximity Sensor, the Ear Speaker, and the Front Camera.

Infinix Zero 6 Camera.

The ZERO 6 comes with a 20MP Selfie AI Camera just like the Hot S3 which is a step up from the Zero 5’s 16MP Selfie Camera. Moving to the back, the ZERO 6 has a Fingerprint Scanner and toward the top left are the dual rear cameras in a vertical position with a Quad-LED Flash to support Night Photography.

You will also notice a Glass Body Finishing this is because the ZERO 6 has a 2.5D Corning Gorilla Glass at the back which is also present at the front for extra protection and to give the Infinix ZERO 6 a Flagship Premium Finishing which makes it stand out in the market.

The ZERO 6 dual rear camera has a 12MP lens with Dual Pixel Sensor and a large 1.28 Microns Pixel Size. The secondary camera is a 24MP Low Light Master as Infinix calls it. The Dual Pixel Sensor in the 12MP camera lens helps to deliver faster Auto Focus Times.

It also makes it easier and faster to lock on and track moving objects without losing focus even in Low Light environment, i.e., it is better and quicker for capturing objects in motion like with Sports Photography or when catching a Baby.

The Dual Pixel Technology also allows a depth of field effect for taking Bokeh or Portrait images while using only the single 12MP camera lens.

Google’s Night Sight low light computational photography AI Technology has created a new fierce competition for the smartphone camera market. This has made top mobile brands to go back to their drawing board to produce their own unique night mode technology, and so far none has been able to conquer Google’s Pixel night sight mode because of the years of research, professionalism, and higher intelligence of the Google’s R & D Engineers.

Comparison of photos taken with Night mode features:




Infinix’s way of trying to copy Google’s Night Sight Technology is by using a higher resolution 24MP camera sensor which will help to capture the much more details needed to deliver a better Low Light phot. Also, there is the 4 in 1 Low Light Technology present both in the 24MP rear camera and the 20MP selfie camera to assist with better Night Photography.

The Managing Director of Infinix Mobile was excited to share the Night Mode Photography quality of the flagship ZERO 6 smartphone. Here are some samples he took:



I guess they look satisfactory for the price we will be paying for them.

Although sharpness and details need more improvements, probably a software update will make it better. Here are a few things I think you should note about the rear cameras of the Infinix ZERO 6. Also, take note that I might not be entirely right about this.

  • Both rear cameras do not work together in portrait mode.
  • The AI uses only the information from the 12MP camera Dual Pixel Sensor for taking Bokeh or Portrait Photos.
  • The AI uses only the 24MP camera lens with the help of the 4 in 1 Technology for capturing Low Light or Night Mode Photography.
  • You should be able to switch manually between any of the two cameras to take Normal photos during the day or night.
  • The Large 1.28um Pixel Size of the 12MP camera lens makes it the better camera for taking Daylight photos while the Higher Resolution of the 24MP camera lens makes it the better camera for taking Low Light photos.


The ZERO 6 will be the first to have the AI Auto Scene Detection feature that will automatically optimize the camera settings to take the best photo out of 7 different scenes which are Portrait, Food, Outdoor, Flower, Sunset, Night and Document.

So with the help of the AI Camera Technology,& all the new camera specifications I just mentioned I believe the ZERO 6 will be Infinix’s Best Camera Smartphone.

Software and XOS.

It is so disappointing to see the ZERO 6 come with the Android 8.1 Software because this is 2019. But with the recent news from the Infinix XOS Team about the Android 9.0 Pie upgrade of the Note 5 and Smart 2 models, it is very promising that the ZERO 6 will be upgraded to the Android Pie System soon.

The Infinix ZERO 6 also launches with the Infinix new XOS 4.0 Honeybee UI which promises some exciting features like Smart Screen Split, which intelligently splits the screen to allow for smarter multitasking.

The Smart Text Classifier intelligently guesses what you want to do with a Highlighted Text. Also, the new XOS 4.0 allows for hiding the notch in the ZERO 6. Another exciting feature is the Scan to Recharge, but this is limited to some Regions.

There are also other exciting features like Smart XBoard, Improved App Hiding, Multiple Account Support, Intelligent Fingerprint Functions, like Quick pp launching with the fingerprint, Brand New Icon Designs, Intelligent AI Face Beauty, and Gesture Navigation.

Performance, Hardware, and battery.

Just like the Zero 5, the ZERO 6 comes with 6GB RAM and 64GB Internal Memory. There is also the 128GB Internal Memory for the ZERO 6 PRO Version. The ZERO 6 runs on the Snapdragon 636 Octacore Processor clocked at 1.6GHz which is a worthy improvement from the Zero 5.

The Snapdragon 636 is slightly better than the MediaTek Helio P30 Octacore Processor, and I believe the ZERO 6 will be able to handle most of the work you throw at it.

Here are the GeekBench Results of both the ZERO 6 and the ZERO 6 PRO. The scores look good, although we can not judge entirely with these scores, the ratings are ok.

The ZERO 6 is equipped with a 3650mAh battery which still looks sufficient, but I wish it were above 4000mAh. Anyways, it supports Fast Charging.


Infinix Zero 6 Price and Availability

Infinix Zero 6 is available in Nigeria, Ghana, and Kenya. The price of the smartphone at the leading online store in these countries is 105,000 Naira to 112,000 Naira, GH₵ 1,505, and 29,755 KSh respectively.

In conclusion, I congratulate the Infinix brand on its smartphone success and growth throughout the years. The Infinix ZERO 6 is a Premium looking Smartphone with flagship Specifications.

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