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Infinix S5 – Full Phone Specifications & Price


The Infinix S5 is the latest budget smartphone from Infinix in India. The release comes nearly 5months after the release of the Infinix S4 and the S5 comes with some significant changes.

The Infinix S5 is a powerpack device in terms of the hardware segment, and it’s also the first Infinix smartphone with a punch-hole camera.

This device has a lot of interesting aspects, such as:

  • Punch hole camera.
  • 64GB storage.
  • Quad rear cameras
  • Quad-LED flash
  • 4000 mAh large-capacity battery
  • Large display that’s 6.52 inches with HD+ resolution
  • Helio P22 octa-core processor.
Infinix S5

Design of Infinix S5.

The design of the S5 looks very close to the Infinix S4, but one thing that differentiates them is the fact that the edges are now rounded from the back and that to me makes it very convenient for you to be able to hold the device in one hand no matter the size of your palm.

Infinix S5 Camera.

One of the most significant selling points of the Infinix S4 was big cameras that ultimately set it apart from devices in the same price range.

Infinix has taken it a step further with Infinix S5 as it now comes with a quad-camera setup, i.e. it has four cameras: There is a

  • 16MP wide-angle lens
  • A 5MP ultra-wide-angle lens
  • 3MP depth sensor
  • A macro lens.

In case you don’t know what the macro lens is in photography. A macro lens helps in capturing very tiny details.

Let’s assume you want to take a picture of an ant, or you want to take a video of an ant, for instance, what a macro lens will do is that is, it’s going to blur out everything and catch the details of the ant.

What that means is that if you use the Infinix S5 to take pictures or videos, the macro lens is going to enable you to capture more details.

These are based on what we saw at the launch of the device. When we do get a proper hands-on review, we are going to put these cameras to test to prove their credibility because specs on paper are just specs on paper.

Charging on Infinix S5.

The disappointing thing about the Infinix S5 is that it doesn’t come with a USB-C, which means fast charging is not available.

You’re getting a regular USB which to me seems crazy because this is 2019, we deserve fast charging.

Another important thing is that the display of the device no longer come with a notch but with a hole punch. Honestly, the hole punch makes the device looks like the Galaxy S10E.

Outside the whole of the display, everything is very much the same as the previous Infinix S4. It’s still an IPS panel, same display at 720p and it’s still shooting the same kind of colours.

The size of the display stands at 6.6-inches which makes it slightly larger than its predecessor.

One noticeable trend in the latest Infinix devices of 2019 is the fact that they all have larger displays than their predecessors. So like we stated earlier, every other thing on this device is very much the same as the Infinix S4.

The hole punch on the Infinix S5.

The Infinix S5 still comes with the Android 9 Pie, 12nm Helio P22 processor, and the same kind of GPU and CPU that was running on the previous S4 is what is running on the Infinix S5.

In terms of the memory, on the S4, you got a 64GB version that has 6GB of RAM, but on the Infinix S5, you’re getting a 64GB version that has 4GB of RAM.

On paper, it seems the performance of the Infinix S5 is going to be similar to the previous version. This device still comes with the Infinix XOS UI, which always carry a lot of chunks like all the last Infinix devices.

There’s no upgrade to the battery, same 4,000 mAh like in the S4 which is not bad because the battery performance of the Infinix S4 is excellent.


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