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Infinix Note 5 Stylus (Pro) Review: It’s all about the X-Pen


Infinix Note 5 Stylus is the sequel of last year’s Note 4 Pro complete with a full metal body, sham furred edges and, of course, the X pen.

While some people may prefer the camera placement of the Note 5 and the dual-camera setup of the hot S3x, but you cannot dispute the fact that the metal build of this device is more premium-looking than every Infinix phone released before the Note 5 Stylus.

The Note 5 stylus is a significant upgrade from the Note 4 Pro and not just because of the X-pen is now housed inside the phone itself but because the Helio P23 paired with the fluid stock Android 8.1 Oreo is a win-win for me on the Note series this year.

Infinix Note 5 and Note 5 Stylus run cool throughout the whole day of surfing the web, chatting and using social media even on heavy gaming.

Let’s be clear, Android one is not a hundred per cent perfect, it is bare essentials, and that means you get to choose what you want in your phone.

You may miss features like the Face ID, FM Radio, eye care, and DoubleTap to weak gesture on the Note 5 stylus but even all these are subject to change in the future or with tweaks if you know your way around.

What you get in return is a phone that runs lag-free after months of use just like the very day you bought it. No bloatware or funny business clogging up your storage or RAM.

Let’s not forget updates. Android one smartphones get the most updates and quicker, with Android one you get unlimited high-quality photo storage for free from Google photos, and this is all in the cloud now.

The Infinix Note 5 Stylus X-Pen.

It’s time to talk about the X-Pen and what it can do. The first thing you’d quickly notice is that satisfying clicking sound that you get when you take out or inserts the X-Pen. In sleep mode, taking out the pen triggers an action, the lock screen note.

All you have here is a simple pen and an eraser, taking the pen out while your phone is awake triggers the X note floating menu, you can also call out the floating menu by taking the X-Pen close to the screen and tapping the button.

Inserting the X-Pen back into the phone automatically saves whatever notes or memo or painting that you’ve created.

On the menu, you have five core functions, and you no longer get the option to add two apps to the floating list.

  • The first one is creating notes. This note-taking app gives you three kinds of brushes with adjustable sizes, an eraser that comes with five sizes, 14 different brush colours to choose from, and an option to type with a keyboard as well.

What’s new here is that you can now change your paper settings, I see the grid paper coming in handy for business people or maybe even students.

  • The second one is writing memo which is like your desktop sticky notes complete with those natural colours, it doesn’t come with the option of text, and it cannot be maximised to fit the screen.

What you can do is minimise it in the background, and you can call it out by double-tapping the expand button at any point.

  • View files show you every memo, note, and painting that you’ve created in chronological order. You can select and delete them as you wish,
  • Take screenshot gives you the ability to capture edit, and save screenshots in PNG formats using smart select. You also get three brushes and an eraser all in one size.

You get 14 colours and no option to add text.

  • Painting. This option gives you seven different brushes with adjustable sizes, an eraser with five sizes and a full spectrum of colours to choose from. Now, I’m not a professional painter, but I can appreciate what Infinix is trying to do for the budget market.

The best part about it is that Note 5 stylus is pressure-sensitive so you can get that exact hairline stroke if you want to.

While using the X-note forget about using your hands as they cannot be used for painting or memo taking, you can have five of your fingers on the screen and still be able to paint with the X-Pen.

The X-Pen may have other tricks up its sleeve in the future, and I’ll be keeping you in the loop on social media.
Infinix Note 5 Stylus Camera.

About the camera, Note 5 Stylus delivers very crispy photos in the day. It also comes with portrait mode for the back and the front camera.

Here are some photos shot at night and with Flash.




Asides gaming and social media, the Note 5 Stylus is also great for multimedia consumption with its 6-inch full HD Plus display. The display super bright outdoors and in its lowest settings, it gets dimmer than the Note 5.

It is pretty much on par with the Hot S3X, and the note 5 stylus also gets excellent signals which are great for phone calls.

Battery Life.

About battery life, I get about 8 hours and 30 minutes of screen on time, which is more than a full day of use so long battery is something to expect from the Note 5 stylus.

It also supports quick charging, and one comes in the box. The device charge from 0 to 60 per cent in 45 minutes, and it took me about 1hour and 45 minutes to charge from 0 to100%.

Note 5 Stylus VS Note 5

Now to my most frequently asked question. Should I buy the Note 5 Stylus over Note 5?

Here’s my final thought. The Note 5 stylus can do everything that the Note 5 can do just as smoothly because it’s also an Android one platform. The Note 5 Stylus is also the only Android One smartphone in existence right now that ships with a pen.

Logically, everything you can do with that X-Pen should be your primary reason for shelling out extra cash for the Note 5 stylus.

Price of the Infinix Note 5 Stylus in Nigeria.

The Infinix Note 5 stylus is priced at 69,500 NGN which converts to 190 USD for the 32GB variant and 80,000 NGN which converts to 220 USD for the 64 GB variant.

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