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Infinix Hot S3: 11 best features with some important tips and tricks.


These are the 11 best features of the Infinix Hot S3, along with some essential tips and tricks.



1) Infinix S3 Display.

So the first and most noticeable feature of this phone is its display. It comes with a 5.65 inch IPS display with HD+ resolution in 18:9 aspect ratio, because of the aspect ratio: the phone is very comfortable to hold in a single hand, and for people with bigger hands like me, it is even convenient to use single-handed.

2) The Selfie Camera. 

The next best feature on the Infinix S3 is the selfie camera. This phone comes with a 20MP front-facing camera with a Sony IMX376 sensor, an 82-degree field of view, with a dedicated dual-LED flash.

This is the best phone for selfies under 10,000 rupees. Infinix also calls it the low-light selfie camera that has shallow light conditions. It merges data from 4 pixels into a single pixel to improve the quality and reduce the noise.

Even in low-light, selfies look good, but only if you could use the flash right.

3) Bokeh Mode.

Next, we have the bokeh mode. Usually, we need two cameras to take good portrait shots, but for selfies, we can manage with a single camera and proper software processing.

Many companies ranging from Oppo, Vivo, and recently Xiaomi are using a single camera to provide portrait selfies, so just like them, Infinix is using a single camera to provide bokeh mode, it isn’t very accurate but usable.

4) Infinix S3 Battery Life.

Now the next best feature about this phone is a better battery life. Well, to get started, the Infinix S3 packs a 4000mAh battery. But more than that, this phone is optimized to deliver a better battery life with features like auto start management, ultra power saving mode, and auto clean.

5) Android Oreo.

The device is running Android Oreo out of the box. The Infinix S3 has a heavily skinned version of Android called XOS on top of Android Oreo.

It doesn’t look like stock Android. However, it still has a lot of Oreo features like the redesign Settings panel, autofill framework, notification dots, picture in picture mode, and more granular controls right out of the box.

6) Freezer.

The next best feature and the unique feature on this phone is the freezer. This feature allows you to freeze applications so you can use them when you want and stop them from running in the background when you’re not using it.

Let’s say you have apps like book my show, uber, Zomato, or swiggy. You might use them but maybe once a week or once a month, so instead of letting them run in the background all the time and draining your battery, you can freeze them.

Once they’re frozen, they won’t be allowed to run in the background so it won’t drain your battery, it’s an excellent feature, and I really like it, but unfortunately, we can’t use this feature if you are using a different home launcher.

I personally like Nova Launcher, but if I switch to that, I can’t use this feature, which is a great disappointment.

7) Adaptive Storage.

Well, this isn’t a feature of Infinix, but having this feature is a great advantage. The Infinix S3 is available in two variants 3GB with 32GB of internal storage priced at,9,000 rupees and the next option is priced at 11,000 rupees with 4GB of RAM and 64GB of storage.

Both variants come with a dedicated SD card slot, so because of this adaptive storage feature, you can get the 3GB RAM variant and use the SD card as internal storage. Yes, more RAM is always better, but memory management on this phone is terrible, so it doesn’t matter if you have 3GB or 4GB of RAM.

So in this situation, you can go with the 3GB RAM variant and use the SD card as internal storage.

8) Ultra Power Saving Mode.

Next, we have the ultra power-saving mode. Once you enable this mode, it will change the display sleep timing, brightness levels, and stops all the apps from running in the background.

It gives you access to only essential functions of a phone like calls, messages, alarms, and so on, and thereby increasing your battery life drastically with even 10% of battery life, you can last an entire day.

9) Scroll Screenshot.

Now just a quick tip if you want to take a regular screenshot press volume down button and power button both at the same time to take a screenshot.

The Infinix S3 also gives us a scroll screenshot option, so to take a scrolling screenshot or a long screenshot, use the scroll screenshot toggle.

Once you do that, it will scroll through the page and take a long screenshot.

10) Screen Record.

We can start recording by using the toggle in the notification area, or else you can press the volume up button and power button both at the same time to start recording and press the power button to stop recording.

11) Night Light.

Once you enable this feature, it will add a warm tent to the screen and protect your eyes at night by filtering the blue light, which is supposed to affect your sleep in the wrong way.

On the Infinix S3 device, we can even automate it to turn it on and off automatically at a specific time.


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