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Infinix Hot 6 Pro: Quick Phone Review, Cons and Price


Design of the Infinix of the Hot 6 Pro.

Infinix Hot 6 pro when we start with the design. Infinix decided to go with a 6-inch HD+ display on the hot 6 Pro with a 16:9 aspect ratio. In my opinion, the rounded corners and reduced bezels are even more appealing than the actual size of the phone.

Moreover, it’s not every day you get a dual-camera setup from a phone at this budget.

hot-s3-and -phantom-8
Here is the Hot 6 Pro sitting side by side with the 5.7-inch Hot S3 and a 5.7-inch phantom 8

In terms of everyday handling, it does feel comfortable to hold, it’s not slippery, and for a device of this size and battery capacity, it’s a surprise that they kept the weight down at 150 grams. It’s way lighter than the tiny iPhone X.

The touchscreen is also responsive and super bright outdoors with excellent viewing angles.

Performance of Infinix Hot 6 Pro.

In terms of performance, the snapdragon 425 has handled my everyday social media and surfing the web, however, don’t expect to breathe in and out of apps as you would on the Infinx Hot S3.

This is a quad-core chipset, which means some apps take a second or two to reopen. You get all of the perks of using Android 8.0 Oreo complete with face ID, which is faster than it is on the Hot S3, though I’m still a bigger fan of fingerprint technology.

We get a variety of notification LED colors right out the box, which is quite impressive. When it comes to gaming, I play PUBG on medium settings, and it runs smoothly. I even won the battle because I’m a pro in gaming.

However you can’t pause your massive games and go peeping on social media and hope to get back to it, it will most likely close on you if you got the 2GB variant at least be sure to save your progress first.

I try to play Asphalt extreme rally on the Infinix Hot 6 Pro, but that turned out to be somehow below what can be considered standard in 2019.

Here’s the AnTuTu benchmark test result for the Infinix Hot 6 Pro

The Camera of the Infinix Hot 6 Pro.

The Infinix Hot 6 Pro comes with 13MP Auto Focus Lens + 2MP Fixed Focus Lens at the back with dual flash and a 5MP Fixed Focus Lens selfie camera with flash. Auto mode captures quickly, while portrait mode takes about three seconds to process the image. Here are some of the photos shot for the camera in daylight and at night.




Infinix Hot 6 Pro Battery.

A full charge of the hot 6 Pro got me through nearly two days of medium usage with seven hours of screen on time before it hit 13%, which means you should get over eight hours of screen on time with medium to heavy usage.

The hot 6 Pro took a little over 3 hours to charge from 0 to 100%. Now asides from taking a long time to load the hot 6 Pro has a few other cons that may or may not be referred to as nitpicking for a device that costs 46,800 NGN, which translates to USD 130 or around 9,000 rupees.

Cons of the Infinix Hot 6 pro.

While it is true that the display of the Hot 6 Pro is super bright outdoors, but in its lowest settings, it’s not super dim, and some love it that way for nighttime reading.

I found myself using automatic eye care settings, which helps for reading white pages at night. You also might miss the 3D front-facing speakers from your Infinix Hot 5, too, and if I had to pick between fewer bezels or one extra speaker, I would probably still go with fewer bezels. Let me know which one you would choose in the comment section down below.

The bottom-firing speaker does a fair job, in any case. There were several calls from various reviews last year that there wasn’t any need to upgrade from the Hot 4 to hot 5.

However, whether you stayed on the hot 4 or you’re using the hot 5 you should be happy to know that the Hot 6 Pro is a much better experience in terms of how it handles prolonged use of everyday apps.

It has just enough specs to handle what the average user needs. The camera is adequate, the battery life is superb, and it looks and feels like a much better phone than it is.

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