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Tecno Pouvoir P3 Plus VS Infinix Hot 8: Detailed Comparison Review!


The Hot 8 is Infinix’s 2019 battery champion at 5,000mAh while the TECNO Pouvoir P3 Plus is at 6,000 mAh. But one of these two devices has a better camera and more. In this article, I’ll show you their differences.


Release dates and pricing.

First, both smartphones are only a month apart. The Infinix Hot 8 was released on September 2019 while the Pouvoir 3 Plus came to us in August of 2019.

In terms of pricing, the Hot 8 is significantly lower at about $90 or 32,500 NGN compared to 47,000 NGN or $130 on the Pouvoir 3 Plus.

Pouvoir P3 Plus vs Infinix Hot 8.

Physically, In terms of what we can see, the Hot 8 is slightly taller than the Pouvoir 3 Plus. For exact dimensions, the Hot 8 is 6.52 inches while the Pouvoir is 6.35 inches.

Of course, the pixels on the Hot 8 are slightly taller, but they both have the same PPI. The Hot 8 is an IPS LCD Display while the Pouvoir 3 Plus is an AMOLED Display which looks brighter. Video quality on both devices are pretty similar
if you’re poking, of course, they’re both 720p displays, but the LED panel on the Pouvoir looks preferable.

About the dimensions, the Hot 8 is 8.7mm thick while the Pouvoir 3 Plus is 9.2mm. Of course, while the Hot 8 might be taller, the Pouvoir 3 Plus is the heavier option of the two smartphones because of its bigger battery.

Build Quality.

Well, you may want to ask will they last considering their build quality? It all depends on how your usage of the smartphone while the Hot 8 has a subtle looking gradient back, the Pouvoir has a striped pattern similar to the Phantom 9 but without the gradient.

They both come with a case out the box so I would suggest that if you intend to buy any one of them, you should buy a case on either one because they are both plastic backs which will scratch easily over time if you put them together with keys or any semi-sharp objects.

On the front, the Hot 8 utilises a water Drop Notch while the Pouvoir 3 Plus uses a dewdrop notch and when you feel them in hand. They’re not Unibody designs in any way as you explore the edges when you roll over with them.

Hot 8 vs Pouvoir P3 Plus: Design, processor and storage.

The design of both phones is remarkably okay for smartphones under $150. As far as what’s inside, They are both Android Pie devices in terms of software, both running the 5.0.2 versions of their proprietary software which is HiOS for TECNO and XOS for Infinix.

They both have 12nm processors, Octacore Helio P22 on the Pouvoir 3 Plus and Quadcore Helio A22 on the 2GB RAM version of the Hot 8. There’s also another Helio P22 version of the Hot 8 that has 4GB of RAM and 64GB of storage which I think would be a much better contender to the Pouvoir P3 Plus. The 2GB RAM Hot 8 has 32GB of storage which is the same size as the P3 Plus.

The bright side for the Hot 8 is that it’s expandable to 256GB compared to 128GB on the P3 Plus. In terms of overall usage, right off the bat, the Hot 8 usually crashes within apps, like Twitter and YouTube. I didn’t notice anything like that on gaming apps though which might be a good thing but crashing on social apps is not a good sign. Maybe it’s the 2GB RAM, but I’m hoping a software update fixes the problem.

I’ll still keep using it and will update you on Twitter if there is any improvement. Gaming performance on both these devices was okay although I did a report on my Infinix Hot 8 review that there was a significant lag in gaming with PUBG, it turned out smoother overtime. The Pouvoir 3 Plus was quite better overall in this regard.

Hot 8 vs Pouvoir P3 Plus battery life.

In terms of battery life, which is the most crucial selling point for both these devices. The Pouvoir 3 Plus battery drains significantly after one hour of gaming, however, when you consider the standby time, the Pouvoir did a better job lasting up to 5 days for me, and even a considerable amount of time on heavy usage.

The Pouvoir 3 Plus was giving me 11 hours with some severe use while the Hot 8 was about two hours lesser. I did get more battery lows on the Hot 8 than the 3 Plus within these past weeks using them, but I also used the Hot 8 more than the Pouvoir 3 Plus which was a personal preference.

But the Hot 8 also did great on standby as well almost 5 days too. Quick battery drain was measured with a full One hour of PUBG while screen recording the gameplay. Both phones experienced some heating during this process.

For a 1-hour gaming session on The Hot 8 with recording, I get a 15% decrease while on the Pouvoir 3 Plus, it’s only an 11% decrease.

In terms of charging, the power went from 0 – 100 on the Hot 8 was precisely 2 hours and 30 minutes while the Pouvoir 3 Plus took 12 more minutes to load than the Hot 8.


They both utilise Face Unlock, and both have fingerprint readers at the back in addition to the standard pin and pattern unlocking methods. Unlocking with both facial and fingerprints is faster on the Pouvoir 3 Plus because of its faster processor. These affect overall day to day usage so I’d say the Pouvoir is a better option in this regard.

The Hot 8 and the P3 Plus are both USB 2 devices which are pretty much what we can get for their prices, but the Hot 8 has got OTG while the Pouvoir 3 Plus according to the features can reverse charge with a wire though I didn’t test this.

Usual call quality and connectivity were as perfect as can be, no complaints about that. Also, they’re both Bluetooth 5.0 and the Infinix Hot 8 doesn’t support the Glo 4G Band but the Pouvoir 3 Plus does.

Infinix Hot 8 vs Tecno Pouvoir P3 Plus Sound quality.

In terms of sound quality on the Hot 8 and the P3 Plus, I tested music and voice as always and voice recording quality sounded so much better on the Infinix Hot 8 than the Pouvoir 3 Plus and this is more of an indication of a better microphone, and in terms of music as well, the Hot 8 did sound clearer in my ear than the Pouvoir, so I’ll give it to the Hot 8 on this one. Also, the Hot 8 has got Dirac audio on it which I think make it tuned better.

Infinix Hot 8 vs Pouvoir P3 Plus Camera.

Now about their cameras, It’s super similar on both. For the Hot 8, its a single 8MP camera on the front and triple cameras on the back:13MP Main Camera, 2MP Depth sensor and a VGA for Low light. On the Pouvoir 3 Plus, however, it’s a single 13MP camera at the front, also a 13MP main camera at the back,  2MP depth sensor and an 8MP UltraWide lens.

In terms of photos, I did prefer the colour representation that Infinix had on the back camera, the cloud and the building was vibrant while colour representation on the Pouvoir wasn’t as good even in HDR there’s a noticeable difference between them.

I might prefer the colour representation of buildings and the sky better on the Hot 8, the Portrait mode on it was not that impressive as edges were off and this was where the P3 shined. It just looked smoother and overall more balanced on the P3 Plus, and if I were to pick which one to post on Social media, I think I would go with the P3 Plus.

With regards to selfie, I wouldn’t necessarily recommend outdoor selfies and while the colour on the Hot 8’s 8MP cam may be preferable to the 13MP selfie camera of the Pouvoir 3 Plus. They also both don’t have any form of stabilization for video but they both shoot 1080p in a maximum30 fps and you can’t adjust it. A tripod might help you get better results or else you may have to deal with shaky footage.

In conclusion, Tecno Pouvoir P3 Plus is a much faster device than the Hot 8 and maybe better optimised due to the higher RAM. However, the Hot 8 has little advantages like a better sounding speaker and even did okay in some image comparisons.

I also feel that the 4GB RAM version of the Hot 8 with 64GB of storage which has the same processor as the P3 Plus may outshine the P3 Plus but let me know what you think. Which one do you prefer? That’s it for the comparison between the Infinix Hot 8 and Tecno Pouvoir P3 Plus.

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Tecno Pouvoir P3 plus is not a bad option for m me even for the price


Am confused, but I will prefer to buy infinix Hot 8


Please advice me, which is the best out of Pouvoir P3 plus and. Hot 8?


I will go for the Infinix Hot 8.
I love it


I prefer tecno devices


You nailed it.