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Download Showbox Apk for Android Latest (Official Version)


Download Showbox APK for android 2020: Download Showbox 2020 latest version 5.5.9 for Android, it’s an ultimate free movie video player and movie downloader app.

It contains movies and TV Shows from the US, UK, and other top movie countries. Moreover, Asian videos are also available.

File type .apk
File Size 39.1 MB
Requires Android Version 4.0 or above
Package name com.tdo.showbox
Version 5.11
Download Time 10 Seconds
Video quality HD 720 Pixels
Updated July 2020
Features Free movies, series, tv, and music

Showbox For Android Features

Free Movies/TV Streaming – Even though there are many free streaming services available out there, Showbox APK comes out to be different and better than others. You can do Showbox download from this page to watch the latest movies and TV shows online for free without paying a single penny.

Unlimited Downloads – You don’t really have to download Showbox MOD APK for downloading movies and TV shows from it. The original Showbox app for Android can get this work done and that too for free. Some content on this app might not be available to download but most of the content can be downloaded.

Daily Database Update – As soon as a movie or TV show is released, it gets uploaded on the Showbox app. The database of Showbox pro-APK gets updated daily with new content so you can always find something new to watch on it. If you are not able to find something, then you can also request an upload.

Free & Easy To Use – There are many Showbox alternatives available out there but most of them are paid. Instead of using something else, you can consider using Showbox free movies app to watch and download unlimited content. Also, the interface of this app is very clean and easy to use.

With Showbox official apk, you can:

  • Watch and download any movies and Tv-shows
  • Enjoy free content of other streaming platforms
  • Get free access to new-released
  • Stream from various device
  • Download movies and Tv shows using a P2P connection
  • Enjoy multiple genres
  • Directly surf content from torrent link

Watch free content from different categories like News, tv-shows, cartoon, and many more. Also, the Chrome cast feature is added in Showbox apk 2020 by which you can now cast your favorite content directly from mobile to your desktop.

Showbox APK FAQs

Why is Showbox illegal?

The straight forward answer is due to Content Piracy.

As we know, any content that publishes on streaming platforms has their own copyrights. That means no third party can use those content without owner permission. But in this Showbox apk, user can access to copyrighted content without owner permission.

Which indirectly affects on company’s revenue. Also, one more thing to remember is that a copyright owner can file a case on you if you are pirating their premium content.

How can I use Showbox without being exposed?

The best way to use Showbox apk is by using a VPN.

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network where you can connect with host servers as an anonymous user.

When you connect VPN, it assigns a new IP address to your device depends on the country you choose. But keep in mind that you must have to use a premium VPN to get in the security line.

Is Showbox down?

Showbox works P2P and non-P2P technology by which a user can directly stream and download movies from torrent.

This peer-to-peer connection sometimes got down due to heavy traffic or due to some policy violations. If you are a regular Showbox apk user and use it on a daily basis, then I would suggest you wait for some days till Showbox servers get online.

Showbox is saying that the app is outdated. What should I do?

As I previously said, you must have to bookmark this page so that whenever there will any update, you get notified.

Download the latest version of Showbox apk, and your problem will be fixed.

Do I need to pay for Showbox in the future?

No, you never have to pay for Showbox. Showbox is completely free, that means you can access any of its feature free of cost.

Just open your Showbox application and enjoy free content.



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